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How Niti aayog will pick bank to be privatise

In Bank privatisation meeting Niti ayog , RBI and finance ministry will meet to decide two psu banks to be privatise .

Decision of 2 banks privatisation will be taken on technical aspects of 6 shortlisted banks and then 2 banks name will be announced for privatisation.

In this video we are discussing all technical aspects in details for all 6 shortlisted banks: IOB , BOM , CBI , BOI , Central Banks , P & S Banks .

We are analysing these banks on the basis of market cap, PE ratio , Book Value , NPA , Business Mix , Capital Adequacy Ratio etc. So watch

full video for details :

These Factors will also considered in choosing banks to be privatise .In video we are discussing following points :

Why IOB will be first Choice for Privatisation ?
Which factors can save BOI from Privatisation ?
Why CBI is already out of race of privatisation ?
BOM will be privatise despite good performance ?

Click on video link below for all details :

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