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Home Bank employees Salary : Dearness Allowance After 12th Bipartite Settlement

Bank employees Salary : Dearness Allowance After 12th Bipartite Settlement

Bank Employees Salary Calculation ( Dearness Allowance) After 12th Bipartite Settlement :
In this Article we will tell you about various calculations for 12th Bipartite Settlement Dearness Allowance .

Present Status of 12th Bipartite Settlement: Charter of Demand for 12th Bipartite Settlement already submitted by Bank Unions . 12th Bipartite Settlement is due since 01st November 2022 . Union Requested IBA to start the talks but still no meeting arranged .

How much DA ( Dearness Allowance ) will be merged in Basic : Bank Employees Dearness Allowance of October 2022 will be merged in Basic . In October 2022 Dearness Allowance Slabs were 526 Salbs ( 1 Slab Value 0.07% ) hence 36.82% Derness Allowance will be merged in Basic .

Why October 2022 DA will be merged : In Charter of demand same is demanded by Bank Union and this is practice adopted since long during previous Bipartite settlements .

How much Dearness Allowance you will get after Merger of Dearness Allowance as explained above : It will depend on the month in which 12th Bipartite Settlement will be signed.

DA Applicable After 12th BPS will be calculated as per below formula :
DA Slabs in the month of when 12th Bipartite will be settled minus DA Slabs of October 2022 ( 526 Slabs ) will be your number of slabs .

Please note that Per Slab value will be reduced which we will explain in separate article . However same calculation of DA per Slab , Officer /Clerk / Substaff revised basic , Expected percentage hike explained in below video too . Watch video for full details or read our next article .