Next round of bipartite talks on

Next round of negotiations for 11th bipartite talks to be held on, 11th Bipartite Settlement Latest Updates, bank wage revision, Bankers news, Bank salary, CLC meeting 

विजयादशमी या दशहरा Dussehra

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विजयादशमी या दशहरा Dussehra , विजया दशमी हिंदुओं का प्रमुख पर्व है, कब है दशहरा , kab hai dussehara , dashhara kab hai

धनतेरस Dhanteras

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धनतेरस Dhanteras कब है, धनतेरस dhanteras kab hai ? क्या है धनतेरस ? kya hai dhanteras ? धनतेरस पर क्या करें क्या न करें ? dhanteras par kya len kya na le

Bank DA from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021

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Bank DA from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021DA for Bankers from November 2020 to January 2021 , D.A. Rates @ 0.10% per slab for 818 Slabs over 4440 points for all cadre/stages: 81.80 %

Cabinet note on strategic sector may be in effect soon

Cabinet note on strategic sector may be in effect soon As per the different sources the Union Cabinet plans to take up the proposal to define ‘strategic sectors’ after months of discussions . sources of different media said that the cabinet note is now ready after various inputs from 49 central ministries and departments.  it could be available for consideration in next months.  Sources said “Banking and insurance will be designated as strategic sectors,”. if it's true then there would only be four state-owned banks and insurance companies each.