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Loan / Overdraft against Fixed Deposit

Loan against fixed deposit

You can request loan against your fixed deposit with bank for all your emergency needs .

You can take loan against all types of term deposits including Recurring deposit , monthly interest certificate or quarterly interest certificate.

How much you get & what will be Rate of interest

All banks finance up to 80-90% of your fixed deposit. Rate of interest is 1-2% over the rate applicable on fixed deposit.

Documentation process is very easy and you can get money as a finance from bank within few minutes or hours. No additional guarantee required for this type of loan.

It is Most useful when…

Please note that if your fixed deposit is about to mature and you have emergency fund need then this facility is very useful because if you will break your fixed deposit then you may get less interest compared to contacted rate.

If fixed deposit maturity is after some years and your requirement is for few days/ month ( for short term) then this facility is useful.

But never take this loan for your long term need , otherwise you will be in loss as you are paying higher interest and bank is paying less interest to you . In such cases you will loose your hard earned money ( principal amount) and it may possible that bank will liquidate your deposit in to loan .

For business purpose it is advisable that you should apply for overdraft limit instead of loan because in case of Overdraft limit interest is applicable on debit balance from time to time.

‌Jankari rkhiye , bachat kariye , laparvahi padegi bhari . Enjoy our financial tips.

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