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Public sector banks to be privatise

Government Bank Privatisation declared by indian bank . 2 public sector banks will be privatise soon as per finance minister announcement . Government is planning to privatise 2 government banks . Niti aayog announced name of banks not to be privatised . Niti Aayog in a statement announced that public sector banks under merger or consolidation process will not privatise . After this announcement banks like punjab national bank , union bank of india , bank of baroda , canara bank are out of privatisation list. India’s biggest public sector bank is also out of privatisation list . IOB, BOI , BOM, CBI are targeted banks for privatisation so it is clear now that 2 banks which will be privatise will be choosen from Indian Overseas Bank , Bank of India , Bank of Maharashtra , Central Bank of India . Watch this video which is of less than 2 minutes for full details .

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