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Home Rights of Women in India

Rights of Women in India

Rights of Women in India

We live in a country where the goddess is worshipped and the Girls are considered the form of the goddess.

But there are many people in India who worshipped goddess but treats their wife and daughters badly. India is a men dominating country where the Constitution talks about equality but in reality, it’s only in the book they don’t follow. We are living in the 21st Century but women don’t know their rights that’s why they ill-treated by men.
So today I am going to write here the rights of women-:

1. Women have the right to equal pay

Working women have the right to get equal salary as compared to men. They can not be discriminated on the basis of sex.

2. Women have the right to workplace harassment

If any women feel harassed at workplace she can file a complaint. She has a right to raise her voice against harassment.

3. Women have the right to dignity and decency

At workplace coworkers must respect the dignity of women, it’s women right to maintain dignity and decency.

4.women have the right against domestic violence

In India, it’s a very common crime against women, according to a survey report 3 out of 10 women faced domestic violence against her at least once in her life.

Unfortunately, very fewer numbers of reports have been registered against the same for legal action.

5. Sexual harassment victims have the right to keep their identity anonymous

As per our constitution, victims have the right to hide their identity, it’s just for their safety and self-respect in society.

6. Rape victims have the right to get free legal aid

If a victim seeks for free legal aid to represent her case in court, she has the right to opt for that.

7. women have the right not to be arrested at night

As per the constitution, police can not arrest women after sunset and before sunrise.
Only A female police officer can arrest women, and police must present her to the judicial magistrate within 24 hours of her arrest.

8. Women have the right to register virtual complaints

If a woman is not able to reach the police station, she has the right to file a complaint via email or registered post.

9.women have the right against indecent representation

Stare women with the wrong intension is also a punishable offence as per law.
If a person makes uncomfortable by staring, women have the right to file a complaint against the culprit.

10. Women have the right against being stalked

Stalking women is a punishable offence, women have the right to prevent herself from being stalked.

11. Women have the right to zero FIR 

Zero FIR gives freedom to file a case in any police station over India.
Later it’s the responsibility of the police department to transfer case to the concern police station under which crime happened.


Every woman should know their rights. 
Read carefully all the rights to be aware of any bad situation and raise your voice against crime.