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Viral Post Bank Bipartite settlement done

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11th Bank Bipartite Settlement has been finalised internally between UFBU and IBA.

Two messeges are viral in social media.

First message

PLI has been finalised by IBA and accepted by UNions . 14 % increase is finalised on take home salary.

The XI BPS is expected to be signed on 28th Dec 19 as almost all issues including Family Pension would be resolved due to pressures from FM GOI.

Second viral post :

approx same as above

Bipartite settlement done.
1. 14% increments
2. 5 days in a week accepted
3. Performance base linked
Unofficial h, is month ke last tk official ho jaayega😄

These posts are viral in Social media (facebook and Whatsapp)

Unions come forward after these rumors. Union’s sent a messege regarding all viral fake posts.

As per union message :

Some messages are in circulation regarding wage revision.

It is a 101% fake message.

Some mischiveous elements enjoy with such false messages.
Ignore them.
Nothing has been finalised or cleared.

Still important issues are yet to be clinched. Don’t believe or circulate/forward such messages.

Whenever anything is finalised, you will get official message from UFBU and AIBEA.

Keep the rumongers away.

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