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21 Must do things to prevent ATM card from Fraud

21 Must do things to prevent ATM card from Fraud

1. You must Sign on the strip on the back of your ATM / Debit card as soon as you receive it.

2. You must Memorize your PIN (Personal Identification number) as soon as you receive or crate new PIN and destroy all physical evidence of the PIN code.

3. You are advised to destroy the pin mailer received by you upon memorising the PIN.

4. We advise you to Always change the PIN as soon as you receive it.

5. First use of the card must be on an ATM. If you will not use it on ATM then you will not be able to use your ATM / Debit card at Point of Sale (POS) Terminal.

6. Register your mobile number with the bank for getting SMS alerts for your ATM transactions.

7. Any unauthorized card transactions of ATM card or debit card in the account should be reported immediately to the Bank.

8. Store your card at a secured place .

9. Protect your ATM card like Cash.

10.Store the ATM card carefully so that the magnetic strip of ATM Card or Debit Card does not get damaged.

11. Check the area for suspicious-looking people before you approach the ATM. Leave the ATM M immediately if you don’t feel safe.

12. If you notice anything suspicious or any other problem arises after you have begun an ATM transaction, you may cancel the transaction and leave.

13.Hide your PIN by covering the keypad using your body while entering the PIN.

14. Be sure that you have your card and your receipt, after doing the transaction, and then leave ATM machine immediately.

15. Once you complete your transaction, before leaving, be sure that ‘Welcome Screen’ is displayed on the ATM .

16.Verify the passbook entries on regular interval to ensure its correctness. In case Any unauthorized card transaction observed it should be reported immediately to the Bank.

17. Always ensure that the card is swiped in your presence at POS (Point of Sale).

18. If your ATM/ Debit Card is lost or stolen, immediately hot list the
Card. For hot listing the Debit Card please call or send email to your bank .

19. When you destroy your card upon expiry or closure of your account cut it into four pieces through the magnetic strip.

20. Keep an eye on suspicious movements of people around ATMs.

21. Look for extra devices like skimmer attached to the ATMs. These may be put to capture your data. Inform security / bank .

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Now you are aware abount what you should do to protect your ATM Card from Fraud .

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