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What you should not do with your ATM Card

We are mentioning things which you should not do with your ATM Card :

1. You are advised not to write your PIN on the Card or back of the Card.
2. Don’t share your debit card / ATM card PIN with any one including a family member or
Bank Staff or in response to requests through email / FAX etc.
3. Never carry your PIN in your wallet or purse.
4. Never let any one see you input your PIN. Always hide your PIN while entering PIN.
5. Never use a PIN code that could be guessed easily like Your birthday or
telephone number.
6. Don’t leave your card in the ATM. Make sure to remove ATM after cash withdrawal.
7. Don’t leave your card unattended. Your card must be with you always .
8. Never scratch your pin mailer. Tear the edge of the envelope turn to open for easy visibility of the pin. Its not like your mobile recharge coupon code .
9. Never respond to any E-mail / link purported to have been issued by Bank asking for your ATM PIN or ATM Card Details . These are called PHISHING attempts. Bank will never seek personal details like PIN etc. for any purpose. watch this video to know about phishing , vishing etc
10. Never give information regarding your ATM card or PIN over the telephone to anyone.
11. Never enter your PIN in any ATM that does not seem to be genuine or seems modified/has a suspicious device like Skimmer attached/operating in a suspicious manner. Watch following video to know about skimming and keep your account safe . Click here to know more about card skimming please click here : Card Skimming Full Information , How to avoid Card Skimming .
12. Never display your cash after withdrawal from ATM . Count the cash after withdrawal & keep it in your pocket safely before leaving ATM.
13. Never accept assistance from anyone or from the security guard when using an ATM as it is not good for your safety.
14. Do not keep more than 2 ATM with you .
15. Do not keep your ATM Withdrawal limit more than withdrawal you require .
Watch video to know What you should not do with your ATM Card :

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