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Home Fathers’s day celebration of middle class family

Fathers’s day celebration of middle class family

Today is fathers day. Mostly Middle class families celebrated fathers day at home or in park as a picnic . Surprise your father by gift or handmade card and cake . happiness of father can be felt by face after getting card/ cake. being Sunday today is holiday as well which increased happiness as father and son will enjoy together whole day.
if you want to prepare cake then links are here:

Black forest cake recipe which i prepared yesterday for fathers day .

If you dont have ovan try this mango mousse cake recipe

we believe that every day is fathers or mothers day but we have strong belief that we should celebrate these specific days as it increase love among family and bring us more closer as at least to celebrate this we spent time together. moreover kids love this type of day celebrations and enjoy so we should celebrate it.

We should respect our elders specially parents and its our duty and responsibility to keep our parents happy always. Displaying DP or status on social media is good but best is to keep parents happy 24×7.

Mujhe ham sath sath hai movie ka gana yad aata h :

yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai

hai magar fir bhi anajan hai

dharti pe rup maa-baap ka

us vidhata ki pehchan hai

janmadata hai jo, naam jinse mila

thamkar jinki ungali hai bachpan chala

kandhe par baith ke, jisne dekha jaha

nyan jinse mila, kya bura, kya bhala

itani upkar hai kya kahe

ye batana na assan hai

dharti pe rup maa-baap ka

us vidhata ki pehchan hai…

ye song hmen bhut kuchh btata aur sikhata hai , jrurat hai to bs ise jivan me apnane ki , apno ko pyar aur samman dene ki , unki ijjat krne ki.

Pita kya hai iska ahsas unke jane k bad aur jyada hota hai. Pita vo ped hai jiski chhaya mein hm bina preshani plte h . we should love and care our parents. hope all are doing and will do in future too.

happy father’s day 2020 to all of you. By this video we are sharing enjoyment of middle class family on the ocassion of father’s day .