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Stagnation Increment for bank clerks & Subordinate Staff

There is good news for Bank Award Staff . Bank Clerks & Subordinate Staff will get benefit of increased stagnation increments . IBA Clarified on improvement in stagnation increment for bank Clerks and subordinate staff . As banks not implemented stagnation increments for Bank clerks & Subordinate Staff so now Clarification from IBA received . IBA clarified with regards to stgnation increments in Bipartite Settlement and Joint Note of November 2020. Now banks will implement revised guidelines of Stagnation Increments for Award Staff in Banks .IBA issued the following clarifications with regard to stagnation increment for Bank Clerks and Subordinate Staff:

Stagnation Increments as per 11th Bipartite Settlement for Award Staff of Banks
Clerical and subordinate staff including permanent/ part-time employees shall be eligible for nine stagnation increments w.e.f. 1st November 2017.

The clerical and subordinate staff on reaching the top of the scale in their respective scales of pay, will get nine stagnation increments. Clerks will get Nine Stagnation Increments of Rs.1990. Subordinate Staff will get nine stagnation increments of Rs.1000. Frequency for release of Stagnation Increments will be of 2 years. Frequency of release of increment will be 2 years form the dates of reaching last stage of scale for both clerical & Subordinate staff .

You can also watch this video made in hindi for Stagnation Increment of award staff in Easy Language:

Clerical & subordinate staff will be eligible for ninth stagnation increment w.e.f. 1st November, 2017 or two years after receiving the eighth stagnation increment, whichever is later.

Stagnation increment received by the employees who are/were in service of the banks as on 1st November, 2017 would be readjusted from the date of reaching top of the scale. Stagnation increments will be re-worked with effect from 01.11.2017 as per the revised frequency of release of stagnation increment for superannuation benefits Only.

Monetary benefit for revised and readjusted stagnation increment will be payable from 01.11.2020 or the actual date of release, whichever is later.

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