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Suicide is not a solution

Be a Fighter..Suicide is not a solution.. Fight with the situation is only Solution..


Success, Respect, Love, Regard, Power, Money, Name, Fame….
What else a person needs in life.
Every person has a dream in life of being successful, some achieves it and for some persons it’s remains a dream.
These all words like Success, Respect, Love, Regard, Power, Money, Name, Fame attracts us a lot. 
But the scariest part is,  nothing comes free, we have to pay a huge in return to achieve these.
Our most valuable time, our relations, family, some times most lovable thing would be cost of these set of pearls.
For some persons it’s ultimate goal of life and they are ready to achieve it at any cost. Persons work hard, no matter day or night, no matter alone or family/ friends , no matter near home or far from their places. Ultimate pressure of performance, competition etc.
But issues comes into life when evil side came into picture like shortcuts for success, cheating, taking help of unethical ways because as every act ask some thing in return these evil ways for success obviously leave a adverse impact somewhere in life.
It might be a perfect case study to learn the scenarios behind motivation for such steps.
Let’s Now some achieve most of the things then what motivates him to end his life while as per others perspective it’s perfect to be a achiever so what factors motivates him to end his successful life in early stage of success.
Most recently a disappointing news of committed suicide by an leading actor of bollywood industry.
Actual reason behind his shocking step gone with him.
but obviously something was very ridiculous happened in his life or it depends on perception of a
consider this particular case.
A leading actor, successful, famous, rich, youth icon. it’s his identity what generally persons knows about him.
But behind the scene a non-acting background, home sickness, ambitions, social pressure, stressful working lifestyle, struggle to sustain in industry, loneliness … a lot of factors works behind as a cost of success in public life.
There are some more other factors which are evil side of entertainment industry like hidden financial debts, competition threats, frustration etc. might be consider side by side.
These are most common factors could be encourage a person to initiate such life ending steps.
Although no one knows the actual reason behind this particular case or we can say about mostly cases same like.
But such incidents teaches us some important learnings; 
*Nothing is more precious than your own life. 
*There is no lock designed without it’s key, same works with life. Every problem has a solution need to find it on time. 
*Evil side of success always attracts and seems to be easy to achieve but sooner or later it asks for toughest sacrifice to make of your life,  some times it’s dead end so please never follow shortcuts for success. 
*Always follow your instinct, it will give you best advice to you for you.
*Have atleast one friend who is in actual your friend. A real friend never let you down in any situation. 
*Be social, no matter you on the top. But some times you need to be part of a society. 
Every person faces atleast once in a life time in his life when he feels emotionally weak, no way out of the situation, no hope, total failure, ultimate pressure.
Be calm and let this time pass without doing nothing against this time cause sometimes “let it be” would best solution.
Never be alone at this time, Try to share your hard time with best person of your life.
Take care of your life, because it’s only yours. 
In  life you can always have a second chance but no other chance for life itself.
No retake… 
No choice…