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A journey of love with stranger

A journey of love with stranger❤️

Unceasing love
It’s cloudy outside and there could be rain anytime. Luckily my mother gave me umbrella and my journey seems to be interesting as weather was so pretty.
As It wasn’t expected that this journey would going to change my life forever. I started my unforgettable journey.
Hey! Let me introduce my self, I am Kabir.
 I was going to Bogra from Rajshahi, my native. I got the bus on time and the bus started moving for destination. I always like long distance travel very much. So I sat by the window and enjoy beautiful nature scenery outside. Generally I use to pass my time by getting interaction with copessengers but it seems there were few passengers board on the bus and there is no immediate copessanger to get interact.
Suddenly I heard the sound of someone’s crying coming to my ears.
At first I thought it was a mistake, but gradually the sound became clear.
I noticed a girl crying. It’s coming right from the last seat. Since the time was after the evening so no one else to see the matter.
Due to curiosity, I went back to see what happened? The girl was crying with so much pain that I could not hold myself anymore. I went to her and saw a girl wearing red sari was sitting and crying.
Initially I did not understand what to say then Finally I asked;
Excuse me – why are you crying ???
Girl-Sorry, Who are you ??
I looked in her teary eyes and said,
“Yes, I am sitting on the seat ahead of yours and due courtesy and having of feeling a responsibility towards copessenger, I am asking you.”
Girl– (angry reaction) Do you mean that?
Me-I was worried to see you cry that’s why I asked you.
Girl – and Why would I tell you?
Me– it’s ok, it seems I disturbed you. Sorry!! While completing my words I turned towards my seat and yes….
What a strange girl !!! But she is beautiful enough…… I thought
 But Why she is hiding her pain, there is no harm to share the problem, but may be she is right, there is no reason to share personal problems with absolute strange man.
But, Suddenly I heard her voice…
– I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have responded like that. (Crying stopped)
Me– It’s fine, You can sit here if you feels comfortable.
She-Can I get water?
Me- Yes, Please.
I gave her my water bottle.
After  having few sips of water she calmed down and said – Thank you very much.
Me– You are welcome.
Then I introduced myself to her and asked again that she can share her problem with me, may be I can lead to a solution.
The girl was silent for a while. Then she started saying – I am Kavita.I belongs to Rajshahi.
Actually I am in love with a boy and we ran away to get marry without telling our parents because they won’t accept us.
But just before getting board on this bus, he send a message that he doesn’t has much courage to left behind his family and start new life with me like this. So he decided to stay back with his family and asked me to do the same or what ever I want to do but not to contact him in future anyhow.
Now i don’t know where to go? What to do? I already left my home and till now everyone would know that I ran away with a boy to marry him and already closed all  doors to my home for me.
Now, I clueless about my future, that’s why i was crying.
Me- Well, did you try to contact him after than?
she – I tried his number, it’s switched off. I tried his friends numbers but it’s useless as they refuse to convey my message to him even they asked me to forget him for my sake.
Me– What else now? I think you should go back home and you shouldn’t have come like this.
She- How can I go now? It’s late now to go back. How would I face all them after making them ashamed of me.
Me- Hmm ..Got it. Well, Can I say something? May I?
She-Tell me …
Me– I think the person you loved was  cheater. He only pretended to love to take advantages from you.
She- Look, don’t say that. There may be other problems with him. I can’t say anything right now.
May be your perception is wrong, I wish!!
 Me-  anyways, what choices do you have now?
She- I don’t have the courage to go back home and face my family members. I don’t know how everyone will react in the family?
So now I have no choice but to commit suicide.
Me– suicide never be a solution to the problem.
 Look, everyone makes mistakes in life. If a child makes a mistake, parents always forgive, So my suggestion is to go back to your parents and if you accept your mistake they will defenately forgive you.
She- no way!! I know them, they will never forgive me for this blunder.
Me– ok, if you allow, let us visit your home. I will explain everything to your parents on your behalf.
After took some pause she agreed on this. Then we stepped out of the bus and left for Rajshahi again to visit her place.
 Now this journey became little different for me because it’s unexpected move of my journey. Anyway after journey of few hours finally we reached the her house. We are about to face a new problem from now, as she went to home while taking me with her.
Meanwhile among her society, everybody became to know that the eldest daughter of this house has run away from home with a boy.
As we entered the house, at first everyone thought I am that boy with whom she ran away.
Her father is a well-known businessman in the city. He got very angry when he saw me and started beating her.
Then I stopped him and told him the whole story. In fact, everyone was educated enough so the situation came under control after having a conversation with her family members.
Since I save them from such a huge disappointment and defame, her father and all the family members ask me to stay in their house for a few days. As they insisted me and there is no issue to stay there I accepted their request.
In fact, I also feeling emotions for her in such a short period and I also didn’t want to stay away from her, I decided stay there.
The next morning, while I was sitting in my room writing a little poem, she stood at the door and said-What are you doing?
Me -I am writing poems.
She– Do you also write poetry??
Me – Hmm, I write. Do you also write?
She-yes, would you like to hear me?
Me– why not?
Than she started her poetry
After Listening, I asked her -What magic is in your eyes?
Your words are like sugar dipped choco sliced in honey. Did you dedicate yourself to writing? You speak very nicely. Keep writing again it is good.
We left each other by keeping smile on face and a strange feelings in eyes for each other.
Two days have passed like minutes. Now it is time to depart. I thought I would tell her about my love my feelings for her, But how?
 So I decided to write a poem about her. Next day I gave her that paper and said, I’m leaving today and maybe you won’t see me again. Here’s a poem written for you.
She– If you don’t mind, can I say something? Do you have anyone in your life?
Me-What? Nothing like that.
Me– Well, Kavita will you go to the roof with me?
She is standing in a corner of the roof. She is looking at me. She seems bored. Does she like me?
Thinking about all this, I went and stood beside her.
Me-I will tell you what is on my mind.I have something to say.
She- What?
Me– I looked into her eyes and said with a sigh – kavita I have dreamed of being your life partner since the day I first saw your face with tears in your eyes.
Since than You are always into my thoughts. I promise I will take the responsibility of wiping away your tears for the rest of my life. I will never let you down. I am in love with you. I am silent while express my feelings.
She was looking at me like she felt cry right now. Then she went downstairs without saying anything. I did not understand what to do. I thought she did not agree with my proposal.
I said goodbye to everyone in the evening with many questions in my mind from her side and sadness over my face as I was unanswered from my question.
She understood my flower buds and cried while saying that when I also felt in love with you and you are asking to leaving me here.
Me – Hey, I have to go crazy.
She- If you really loves me then Why don’t you take me with you?
 Me– Not like this.
I will come back soon and take you with me as my bride?
This is how an unexpected journey became and a chapter of my love life, was started..