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Home 5 days banking in banks & 11 other Demands Letter to IBA by Bank Unions

5 days banking in banks & 11 other Demands Letter to IBA by Bank Unions

Bank Union sent Letter to IBA having 12 demands including 5 days banking in indian banks .

Bank union demanded for 5 days banking i.e. all Saturday off in banks , family pension without ceiling for bankers family , Constitution of committee on bank employees pension , clarification on bank officers stagnation increment announced in bipartite , 7 days PL encasement , Better LFC norms for bankers , meeting on Staff accountability of bankers , Revision in travel allowance by road , Air Travel to bankers , AC I travel to all officer etc .

Out of these demands bankers are eagerly waiting for 5 days banking in banks.

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5 days Banking is long pending demand of bank employees . In this pandemic situation this demand seems to be genuine which government should consider immediately .

Recently 5 days a week already announced for LIC by government . Most of Central Government office also work for 5 days only .

Due to Corona more than 1000 bankers lost their life and more than 100000 are covid positive. RIP to all Bankers who lost their life . This demand will also help in fight against corona virus .

demands are as under :
1. 5 Days banking
2. Better LFC : LFC to both for spouse working in banks & inclusion of sightseeing cost .
3. Travel Fare by Road : Revision Per KM reimbursement
4 Family pension : without Ceiling
5. employee Pension : Committee constitution for meeting
6. Staff accountability discussion
7. 7 days PL encasement
8. 90 days Sick Leave
9. Clarification on Stagnation Increment
10. Facility to Defence Assistant
11. Air Travel : Reduction in Distance to allow air travel
12 . AC I Travel to all officers
For full information watch Video :

Staff Accountability in banks also to be discussed so Union demanded for virtual meeting as this demand is pending since long .