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Thousands of bankers died due to corona. RIP Bankers

Indian bankers are on high risk as corona positive bank cases are on rise . More than 100000 Bank employees are corona positive and more than 1000 died due to corona in different banks of india .

Spread rate and death rate due to corona of bankers is high compare to general public .It seems that health conditions of bankers are not good so infection rate as well as mortality rate is high compare to general public . In Most of Indian branches bank employees infected by corona . Few branches are having almost all employees as corona positive . Banks are becoming centre of corona infections and resulting in spreading corona . Many young and experienced bankers lost their life in this corona time leaving behind their family .

Bankers are also declared as corona warriors but vaccination not yet done for bankers . As there is no clear cut guidelines from government so many health centre refused to provide vaccination to bank employees . Bankers lost their life in all banks and states while fighting against corona . Bankers sacrificed their life in serving the nation . RIP to bankers .

Now bankers are demanding 5 days a week with immediate effect . Letter on aspect written to IBA. https://www.dekhoyaar.com/bank-union-letter-to-iba-on-5-days-banking-11-other-demands/

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