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Latest Bank Bipartite settlement talks

11th Bipartite Banks

UFBU और IBA से ऊब रहे हैं बैंकर कह रहे बुरा भला

*Wage Settlement Alert*

Madras Hicourt Case adjourned till 28 th Oct. And next hearing of case in allahabad hi court is on 3rd nov 2020.

Bank DA from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021


17 October 2020

IBA Derails the Officers’ Wage Revision bcoz of workmen unions not ready to sign:

Officer Unions Having received the concurrence of IBA to hold the signing ceremony on 18th October, 2020, formal invi-tations were sent to representatives of officer organisations across the country.

However, today abruptly without any
rhyme or reason, IBA in the forenoon informed their inability to conclude and ink the joint note pertaining to officers’
wage revision w.e.f. 01.11.2017.

The lame reason cited by them was not signing the costing exercise with the Work-men Unions.

Four officer unions decided to:

a) Withdrawal of extra cooperation.
b) Officers should restrict to the allocated work upto 6.00 p.m. only.
c) Officers should not respond official SMS/ Whatsapp beyond 6 p.m.
d) Officers are directed not to do any official work on Sundays and holidays viz. attend webinars/ office/ participate any programme related to canvassing of third-party products/ marketing drives/ training programmes/ ‘P’ Review meetings.


UFBU और IBA से ऊब रहे हैं बैंकर कह रहे बुरा भला

16 October 2020

In today’s meeting with IBA, workmen unions demand for special allowance at 20%. IBA offered 16.4% as agreed by officers associations.

Workmen Unions did not accept this offer. Next meeting will decide the final agreement.

Meeting with  Officer Unions with IBA fixed on 17th October 2020.



Meeting of 4 workmen unions with iba fixed on 16th morning at Mumbai. ______________________

12 October 2020

As per one of the Union Leaders message–

Talks with IBA commenced at 1.00 p.m today i.e. 12.10.20. Progressing in the right direction; will resume tomorrow.


Dear friends, there are two types of  unofficial news in trend about wage revision.

As per first news an union name we bankers registered a petition in high court demanding pay commission.

And as per second news Received: Bipartite will be signed by IBA and UFBU before 15th Oct 2020.

New salary will be from Nov2020. Arrears of 36 months will be paid

before Navratri I.e. before 27.10.2020 (after deducting arrears already paid last year)
–New Basic to be 1.515 times existing
–Special Allowance 15.50% of new basic
–HRA at 7/8/9 % based on area
–CCA, PQP etc fixed at 1.515 times
existing levels
–Medical fixed at 12,000 from existing
–P.F. deduction continues at 10% of new
–14% employer contribution for NPS.
— NPS Employee contribution kept constant
at 10% (Basic pay plus DA)
–PLI formula same as per MOU.
Further, LEVY amount has been finalized by
UFBU @ 2% of gross arrears


17th September 2020

As per The joint circular issued by bank unions :

Cost of wage revision – for workmen : Rs. 3385 cr (Out of the total of Rs. 7898 crores).
Amount allocated for Basic Pay, DA, Spl. Pay, PQP : Rs. 495 crores
For other payslip components : Rs. 2890 crores
Pay Scales: Proposals on revised Pay Scales were discussed and looking to overall cost,
it was decided to finetune the same and finalise the payscales.

It was agreed that one more stagnation increment would be granted both to clerical and substaff.

Special Pay, PQP, FPP – being revised on the same basis as revision in Basic Pay.

Special Allowance: Special
Allowance should be revised substantially upward but within the cost.
Revision in HRA, Transport Allowance and Medical Aid: After finalising the
percentage of Special Allowance , these items would be finalised.

Non financial items: Most of the items as already discussed during the earlier meetings were reiterated and confirmed.

Remaining items will be finalised shortly.


11 September 2020

Next round of talks with IBA will be held on 17th September 2020 to finalize salary structure.


28 August 2020

Gist of discussions:

1. Out of Rs. 7808 crores (15%) of total amount agreed in the MOU for employees and officers put together, the amount apportionable for workmen employees would be Rs. 3385 crores. Out of this. Rs. 495 crores would be towards Pay + DA and balance Rs. 2890 crores would be distributed to other components.

2. Tentative proposals on new Payscales were discussed and the same would be finalised in the next round of meeting.

3. The issue of dispensing with the Graduation increment and constructing the clerical payscales accordingly was discussed but
not yet finalised.

4. DA rates from November, 2017 would be 0.07% per slab of 4 points of quarterly average increase over 6352 points.

5. issue of grant of one more stagnation increment and also improvement in periodicity i.e sanction of all stagnation increment every two years for clerical cadre like substaff. Issue will be further discussed and finalised.

6. Some discussions took place on Special Pay, Special Allowance, etc. but it was decided that the same would be finalised after finalising the payscales.

Further discussions will be held in the next round of meeting to be held shortly._


A message Received from Union leaders.
Today a meeting of the Working Group was held .
New Pay Scales,  Revised DA, Improvement in Stagnation Increment,  Bifurcation of allocation of amount for Pay + DA items, Tentative Pay Scales, etc  have been discussed.
and may be finalize in the next round.
Date for Next meeting will be decided shortly.

Bank DA from Aug 2020 to Oct 2020

Halting Allowance as per 10th Bipartite

Next meeting of working group for workmen unions will be held on 28th Aug.


Today, on 24th August 2020, the Four Officers’ Organisations had the meeting with IBA team on the issues listed in the MOU.
Details are to be further discussed in first week of Sept 2020.



No news regarding results of meeting dated: 20th August 2020 between IBA and Union Representatives.

17 Aug 2020

After receiving member nominations from workmen Unions for further discussion to fix wages as per MOU , IBA hold a meeting with union representatives on 20th August 2020


14 August 2020

After MOU signed between IBA and UFBU on 22-07-2020. IBA invites member nomination from Unions for further discussion.


22 July 2020

The waiting time is finally over for the public sector banks. Their much needed demand for settling the 11th Bipartite Wage Revision is finally concluded with 15% hike.

Highlights of MOU  between IBA and UFBU In todays meeting on 22-07-2020

Download IBA circular

  1. The date of effect is 01.11.2017

  2. Total increase will be 15% ( 7898 crores)

  3. DA will be merged at 6352 points 

  4. Load Factor 2.5 % on Basic Pay (Approx 1155Carores)

  5. Distribution will be done seperately by mutual discussion

  6. PLI – 5-10-15 days salary for incremental GP above 5, 10, 15%

  7. Additional Encashment 5 days per year ( 7 days above 55 years) 

  8. NPS contribution 14% ( Govt. decision to be followed) 

Rest will be finalised within 90 days

Download IBA circular


Halting Allowance as per 10th Bipartite

earlier process:—-

10 July 2020

IBA hold next meeting of Negotiating committee of IBA with the representatives of constituent workmen Unions/officers aassociaations on 22 July 2020 at 11:30 AM.


26 April 2020

Regarding wage revision AIBEA general secretary Mr. CH Venkatchalam issued a circular on 25-4-2020 in which he stated that :-
We wish to make it clear that given the country’s clamitous situation and the entire nation and people facing a huge health problem on account of corona pendemic.

It is not fair to talk about our wage revision at this moment. The whole country is passing through an extra ordinary situation and the nation’s priority is different now which all of us should understand.

as and when normalcy is restored, we shall revert to the issue.

Bank DA from May 2020 to July 2020


16 March 2020

Today small committee meeting with IBA took place at Mumbai. IBA led by Shri Alok Kumar Choudhary, DMD SBI. All constituents of UFBU participated.

Discussion on load factor on Basic Pay after DA merger and it’s impact on Superannuation cost was deliberated. Discussion remained inconclusive.


29 Feb 2020

In today’s talks with IBA in addition to 15% increase in pay slip cost, some more forward movement is there in our demands.

In view of this positive development  agitational actions and 3 days strike is deferred.

After a lot of discussions, the following points emerged today:
1. Offer on Pay slip cost increased to 15%.
2. Demand on 5 Day Banking will be taken forward by further discussions.
3. Demand for loading more than 2%
4. Addtional Encashment of Privilege Leave 5 days per year.
5. Improvement in Family Pension
6. Revised offer on PLI was given at 1.37%, 2.74% and 4.11%.

7. IBA agreed to discuss all other issues through further discussions.

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20 Feb 2020

IBA hold next meeting of Negotiating committee of IBA with the representatives of constituent workmen Unions/officers aassociaations on 29th Feb 2020 at 11 AM.



on 17th feb 2020 CLC meeting 

In today’s meeting by CLC, IBA informed that their earlier offer 15 % stands and they are ready discuss further and agitation to be deferred.

Aibea  informed that we are ready to continue the talks. CLC advised further talks to be held by iba. Iba agreed to call for the talks.

The representatives from DFS Ministry of Finance, Dr. Sanjay
Kumar(Director) and Sh. K.M. Nand Kumar(Under Secretary) were
present and stated that the matter involved needs to be discussed at the
bilateral level between the IBA and federations and also to be resolved at
the bilateral level.

Conciliation officer and CLC(C) expressed his opinion that all the points of discussion persisting can be resolved only through continuous dialogue and communication and accordingly advised both management
and office bearers to sit together expeditiously and discuss the
unresolved issues for having amicable resolutions in the matter.

The joint discussion may continue not only for a single day but parties may
have several rounds of discussion sincerely to sought out differences
positively in the next 15 days and were requested to apprise the conciliation officer about the progress on 5th March

Bank DA from February 2020 to April 2020


Meeting HELD WITH IBA ON 30-01-2020

As per information from Union leaders:

Today’s talks with IBA failed. Strike stands. So 2 days strike on 31 Jan and 1st Feb confirmed.

in the conciliation meeting held by chief labour commissioner in delhi on 27/01/2012, CLC advised the IBA to hold direct bilateral talks with the unions before the strike and try for a solution.

Accordingly IBA held a round of bipartite meeting in Mumbai . in discussions, the IBA improved their offer to 13.5% but this was not acceptable to Unions as it was inadequate.

Thereafter, the chairman of IBA invited the union leaders during which he improved the offer to 15% hike in payslip components cost.  But he did not agree to the demands of the Unions like bank holidays on all Saturday and Sunday. Merger of special allowances with basic pay.

Hence the talks ended as a failure and unions decided to go ahead with the strike for 2 days on 31 jan and 1st Feb.

Bank DA from February 2020 to April 2020


Talks HELD WITH IBA ON 13-01-2020

As per UFBU  :

Today, Bipartite talks held with IBA, not fruitful. UFBU decides agitational programmes including strike actions.

Detailed circular on the agitational programme will be issued by UFBU in a day or two.

IBA inform that they were not ready to accept our demand for 5 days banking.

IBA offered wage revision : 12.25 % with 2 % Loading .

5 days PL Encashment per year (in addition PL encashment at the time of LFC). For Employees less than 5 years service 7 days PL encashment per year.

Family pention : no improvement, issue seized.

Next round of bipartite talks on


Jan.31 and Feb. 1 — 2 Days Strike
March 11, 12, 13 —  3 Days Strike
From April 1 onwards Indefinite Strike

important demands.

1. Wage Revision Settlement at 20% hike on Pay slip components with adequate
loading thereof
2. 5 Day Banking
3. Merger of Special Allowance with Basic Pay
4. Scrap New Pension Scheme(NPS)
5. Updation of Pension
6. Improvement in Family Pension
7. Allocation to Staff Welfare Fund based on Operating Profits
8. Exemption from Income Tax on retiral benefits without ceiling
9. Uniform definition of Business Hours, Lunch Hour, etc. in Branches
10. Introduction of Leave Bank
11. Defined Working Hours for Officers
12. Equal wage for equal work for contract employees/Business Correspondents




Talks HELD WITH IBA ON 05-12-2019

As per UFBU  :

Another round of negotiations was held today between IBA and UFBU in the IBA office in Mumbai.

Increase in wage hike %age :

Earlier offer of 12% is not improved by IBA.

Mandate issue:

IBA informed that the issue of mandate upto scale VII stands resolved.

Bank DA for Nov 2019 to Jan 2020

Merger of Special Allowance with Basic pay:

Present special allowance be merged with basic pay demand can be accepted if the additional cost involved towards superannuation benefits is found to be affordable.

No final decision.

Pention : still pending.


UFBU  pointed out linking ROA as an
ingredient for the purpose of working out the performance matrix and
creation of more steps in the gross operating profits.

IBA agreed to provide a revised formula there after the issue would be discussed further.

5 Day Banking:

No clear response .



News on 30 Nov 2019

Next round of bipartite talks will be held on 5th Dec.

Next meeting of IBA negotiating commitee and unions fixed on Thursday 5th Dec 2019. 

28 November 2019


Core Committee Meeting (Workmen) held on
28 November 2019

As decided during Main Negotiations Committee Meeting held on 15 Nov, ’19 : Core Committee (Workmen) Meeting was held today at IBA Office, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Bank DA for Nov 2019 to Jan 2020


*1.* Adoption of New Series of C. P. Index for D. A. calculation and formula for DA calculation to be decided during the next Main Negotiating Committee Meeting.

*2.* Union demand for PL accumulation upto 300 days & it’s encashment on retirement to be put before Main Committee.

*3.* For Adoption of Child upto 1 yr ML agreed with certain conditions.

*4.* Sabbatical Leave to all employees. The matter is left to individual banks.

*5.* LFC : There will be improvement in distance permitted to Sub Staff.

*6.* LFC : For Workmen employees travel by own car permitted. At par with provision for officers.

*7.* LFC : with package tour not permitted.

*8.* Outsourcing : From the earlier clause ” as per RBI guidelines to be done for non core activities.” It is agreed to *remove words as per RBI guidelines.*

*9.* OT : For simplified & improved method note is submitted by Unions. To be discussed further.

*10.* Punishment : For gross misconduct, *fine* as punishment may be removed.

*11.* Ex Servicemen : Only the guidelines issued by “Dept of Financial Services” of Govt of India to be followed uniformly.

*12.* Unions wanted time gap between Business hours and Working hours should be 2 hours instead of present 1 hour. This demand was rejected outright by the IBA.

Whatever is accepted is subject to final approval at Main Committee level.

Negotiations may take decisive turn during next meeting on *3 Dec, 2019.*

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Talks on Friday  15 Nov 2019 between IBA and UFBU

Circular issued after meeting


Today’s talks were great disappointment.  Nothing worth mention came up.

*Gist of Discussions :*

  1. IBA informed that yet two banks have not given mandate for Negotiations upto scale VII. But they will get it.


  1. *PLI :* That is “Performance Linked Incentive”. Unions asked IBA to decide about parameters on which *PLI* will be fixed. But they have given In Principle consent to implementation of *PLI.*


  1. Pension related issues were discussed. With the same quantum of Pension, Load on a/c of it has risen substantially. Because of increase in Life Expectancy. It has gone up to 80 to 84 years on average. IBA informed.


  1. *Spl Allow :* If Spl Allow is merged with Basic, Contribution to Pension Fund by banks goes up substantially. It increases Loading amt.


  1. Increase in Family Pension increases load factor due to same reasons as Pension. Hence Pension provision needs fresh calculations. It needs appointment of professional Actuaries. Unions are requested to suggest two Actuaries on their behalf. IBA has also given papers of fresh calculations for provisions on a/c of Pension.There was suggestion from Unions on shifting of Base of Index for DA calculations. Price Index Series should be latest.


  1. *PL* Demand for increase in PL accumulation and encashment on superannuation level was taken up. No conclusion.


  1. Medical Insurance Premium for Pensioners was discussed.


  1. New Pension Scheme *:* Suggestions to make it more attractive were discussed.


  1. *Small Committee Meetings :*  are scheduled

For Officers  *21 Nov*

For Workmen *27/28 Nov*


In these meetings certain issues will be finalised and then taken up in Main Meeting subsequently.

Click Link to view : — >> Meeting Dated: 18 Oct 2019 CircularBipartite

The IBA stated that a 12 per cent hike in pay slip cost would result in an annual burden of Rs 6,319 crore on all PSBs, including State Bank of India.


” We have rejected a 12 per cent wage hike proposed by the IBA. We will settle for wage negotiation if the IBA agrees to our other demands which include improvement in the family pension formula, merger of special allowance with basic pay, among others, along with a decent wage hike,” said C H Venkatachalam, general secretary of the All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA).

Bank DA for Nov 2019 to Jan 2020

Old offer by IBA

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